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Lending made easy for you

Bizsmile Capital Group
No. 1 SME Loans in Singapore Up to $500k for Small Businesses. 
  • Access up to $100,000, with no collateral needed
  • Access up to $500,000, with second charge (caveat)
  • Fast SME loan approval outcome in 24 hours
  • Low interest rates from 1% per month
  • Simple application process
  • High approval rate (even documents not strong)
Our Service 01
Working Capital
Our Service 02
Invoice Financing
Our Service 03
Bridging Loan
Our Service 04
Property Loan
Our Service 05
Line Of Credit
Our Service 06


Consultant Partner


SME Clients


Loan Application


Successful Rate
Why Choose Us ?
  1. Bad Rating in CBS report, Weak in Bank Statement & Financial Statement ?

  2. New Start up and don't have strong track record?

  3. You are in the Sector that less favorable by Finance Institution?

  4. Heavy processing fess and Application fees ?


At Bizsmile Capital, we are customer-centric have a long track record of financing companies      across the various industries. We work with various business consultant ranging for SME grant consultant and Bank panel consultant  to provide you one stop solution. If you cant get a solution from us, probably you wont get it from somewhere else too !!!!!

Don't Hesitate. Just move your finger and leave your company name & email at the bottom of this page.

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