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Trusted by small businesses and industry experts

Everyday we help many SME to expand their business to the next level and it only have minimum qualification to obtain the loan from us. 

  • Only 6 months in business

  • Minimum Monthly Sales Revenue s$ 8,000 ++

  • Singapore Private Limited or Limited Partnership

  • Active Corporate Bank Account

  • Do not require any collateral /Security

Discover our various loan solutions below:

Our Services
Working Capital

A working capital loan is a loan used by a company to finance its everyday operations, such as payrolls, rent, and inventory.

Working capital loans are usually taken when a company requires cash/asset liquidity to cover day-to-day operational expenses so that they can put more money into expansion.


Benefits of this loan:

  • Cover short-term business expenses

  • Finance daily operations

  • Suitable for businesses with high seasonality/cyclical sales

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